1 Making sense of love and sex

2 What medical science will achieve before the other "eternal" life

3 A really good husband

4 Feminism is but labor unionism of women

5 Running a business together

6 Offering too much sex

7 The benefits of religious men

8 Vang Vieng, Laos - forget it

9 Sexual satisfaction in Southeast Asia

10 SexualFront Manifesto

11 Instrumental jealousy

12 Your agenda

13 Sexual agenda

14 Third World quality of life

15 Different rules

16 Straight dope on feminism and wealth

17 NGOs undermining local culture

18 Why in a democracy,the opposition always has a (moral) edge

19 Why making poverty history is not in the interest of humanity

20 Why sex tourism

21 Depressed for a reason

22 Why immigrants in Europe should resist integration and assimilation

23 Feminism is nothing but tradeunionism

24 Egoism and altruism in publishing

25 A realistic reason for fear of flying

26 Maximizing sexual experience

27 Sexual infrastructure

28 Knowledge of purpose

29 Arrange marriages and sexual revolution

30 Useful idiots

31 Primitive societies and the sense in our lives

32 Dangerous sex

33 How to use arginineto help erections

34 How to satisfy a woman

35 Why do I exist?

36 Freedom of the press

37 Geography and love

38 Peace and disorder

39 Perceptions of beauty and youthfulness

40 Sexual freedom